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Creek, eek, ouch!

So after a very long sabbatical I started working out again … Well, I worked out Sunday.

Maya (my Xbox Yourself!Fitness trainer) focused on lower body. We did a lot of lunges.
I was a little tight yesterday. But today I am walking around like an old lady. At least I know it is working.

Now I just have to keep up with Yourself!Fitness and really get into shape.

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  1. JLC Says:

    maya’s pretty scary looking!

    hey i talked to a nutritionist (free service at the community college), and they were like “DO NOT EVER do atkins again!!” yikes.

    you were right, though. they were just talking about how badly it can mess up your kidneys and liver, et al.

  2. Ann Says:

    wow, that is scary. i had no idea it could mess up your internal organs.
    poor maya! 🙂