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So my weight loss had been on a little hiatus recently. I would lose a little, gain a little, lose a little, etc. It was getting frustrating because I wasn’t going anywhere. I reevaluated and decided I needed to start tracking my food again. (And I recently was overindulging in the food dept. Gotta stop that!)

At weigh-in today I was down 2.8 pounds from last week for a total of 22 pounds lost! Just 7.6 pounds to go. I can see the light!!!!

Plus I have been exercising a little more rigorously. Doing more of the walking/running. I am still only averaging about 3 workouts a week. I would like to be at 4 a week. But I am slowly working toward that.

I can’t wait to be able to go shopping soon for some new pants!

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  1. Ryan and Emma Says:

    Congrats!! Great job! Not having a shower during our remodel has forced me to go to the gym since that is the only place we can get clean at the moment. Would feel bad if I didn’t work out and just went to shower!

    Keep up the good work.