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Ahhh … my knee

I am already injured. I think I am too old for this exercise stuff.

Anyway, my left knee was bothering me a bit while walking/running yesterday. (But the other day my foot was bothering me and I kept on trucking and it was fine later on.)

After my workout last night my knee was hurtin’ a little. Well, when I woke up this morning it was stiff. It is feeling better now–still bothering me a bit. So no gym workout today. But I will do some walking and stretching this weekend.

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  1. JLC Says:

    my knees hurt at first, too, when i started working out regularly. two things that helped me were: new shoes (a little bit of an investment, but i’d kept my last pair for something like 10 years) and doing lots of lunges and other quad exercises — those will help support your knees.

  2. Erica Kern Says:

    Words of wisdom…listen to your body. My knee pain started in November and I’m still dealing with it. And, yes, Jen is absolutely right – get good shoes and strengthen your leg muscles. At physical therapy I am doing lots of exercies to strengthen my outer glutes (is that what they are called?) and quads because those muscles support the knee and the physical therapist thinks that part of my problem is that those muscles are weak and aren’t able to support the knee properly. I’d be happy to let you know what they are having me do if you want to add them to your routine. Also, maybe try doing the elliptical too so you aren’t always doing something that is putting pressure on your knees.

    Good shoes are extremely, extremely important, especially if you are having foot pain too. You need a pair of shoes that properly fit your foot. I found that one pair I bought didn’t have enough stability and structure for me and my foot was moving in the shoe and that led to knee discomfort. I would highly recommend you go to a running store and look into whether or not you need different shoes. Food for thought. Feel better!

  3. Ann Says:

    Thanks for the advice girls.
    The foot thing was just a kink that was worked out.
    My knee is feeling much better. No exercise Friday or Saturday. I did some stretching today and will be doing some walking (a girlfriend is coming over to our hood for mani/pedi, shopping and lunch–so we will be doing some walking).
    I do use the elliptical–it is actually my fave machine. I will take it easy on my knee until it is all better.
    But yup, my body isn’t used to this rigorous exercise. And I am no longer in my 20s!
    Erica, I think it is the adductor muscles you are working on. I was pretty sure that is what they are called–but googled it just to be sure.

  4. Kate Gardiner Says:

    also when my knee was hurting, i also switched to the bike for a bit. less impact but still good cardio.