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Relief with Aleve

I am a big advocate of Advil or its cheap generic ibuprofen. Great for headaches, cramps, etc.
Well, we have Aleve at work and I took one a bit ago for my knee. It is amazing how much better my knee feels.

I have been taking it easy on the knee. I did the boring stationary bike yesterday with a brace on each knee. My right knee is slightly sore since I have been relying on it more. But today it feels fine. So I am just taking it one day at a time.



I was excited to go to WW today for weigh-in. I was sure I had lost more weight. My pants are even looser this week than last. Curt even said “you look thinner than last week” over IM.

But alas I had lost no weight, but also I had not gained any. So maybe I gained muscle, maybe I was retaining water. Who knows! Even though I know it is a good sign that I didn’t gain any I was still bummed.

And next week I can’t go because I have a lunch to attend.

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  1. Stephanie Says:

    It can be frustrating not to be losing weight, but muscle weight is totally noticeable. So don’t rely on the scale. Be thrilled that you’re feeling better, your clothes are looser and know that you’re healthier. If you really want something to measure by, get your body mass index taken, and see how that shifts. I’m proud of you & good luck!

  2. Ann Says:

    Thanks Steff!
    I likely lost inches. I know what the scale says is not always right on with how you are doing. But is sure is nice when that number goes down. 🙂