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Running, I must be nuts!

I started running. Yesterday.

I had been fast walking for about 4 weeks. So I told myself April was when I started running.
It wasn’t as bad as I thought. I still felt a little akward while running. I am not exactly the most graceful and coordinated person.

But I started out walking for 5 mins. Then I would run for a minute, walk for 2, run for a minute, etc. The last 3 minutes I walked. I was all sweaty and gross. But I felt good afterward.

My goal is to eventually run the whole 30 minutes. Once I am better I will run sans treadmill. There is a beautiful path along the Bay right near work. So eventually I will take my running out there. For now it is the good ol’ treadmill.

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  1. Erica Kern Says:

    Good for you! I like running outside better because the treadmill can get boring. If you are looking for tips or general info on running go to It is a very informative website.

    Glad to hear that your mom is doing well.

  2. JLC Says:

    my mom also had carpal tunnel surgery a few months ago. it was difficult for her to get around at first, but she was so glad afterwards because it relieved years of pain and the not-being-able-to-use-her-hand part. hopefully your mom will have the same success! 🙂