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Yum to eating healthy!!!

Went to P.F. Chang’s today. Everyone wanted to do family style. I told them that was fine, but I wouldn’t be participating and I wouldn’t be sharing. (Not that anyone wanted any of my steamed veggies, but still.)

Of course, I was given a hard time that I am already skinny enough and we don’t want your steamed veggies and you and your points. Two friends did say nice things–Mia mentioned that I have done really well and am so close to my goal. Graciela mentioned to everyone how I had already figured my food out (which I had).

I know the comments are a reflection on the one making them and not me. And I realize a lot of it is jealously. But it isn’t like I haven’t worked hard for my weight loss.

And this isn’t just about weight loss. It is also about making healthier choices and eating healthy. If they only knew how much fat and calories they were consuming–and I am not judging.

Because believe me I wanted the calamari, fried crab wontons and other delicious stuff. But I didn’t stray–and it was tough! I didn’t snack on any appetizers and I just waited for my veggies and brown rice.

I was satisfied–ate all of my veggies and I felt good afterward. And I was proud of myself for having the will power to stay away from the yummy, fatty, salty food!

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  1. Ann Says:

    This comment is actually from Ed. He was having password issues. But I think he makes some great points and I want to share it:
    i just wanted to say how happy i am for you that you are able to use your will power even when others are making comments about stuff that simply put, ain’t none of their damn business. as you said, i suppose a lot of it stems from jealously. beleive me, i know. because when i quit smoking, it was tough. i just kept playing mind games with myself. i don’t seem to be able to do as well when it come to food. oh well. i guess i’m just gonna (as James put it) “have a big fat tummy”. don’t ya just love the honesty of children? later, ed