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21 times

For the month of May I worked out 21 times! For someone who doesn’t like exercise that is pretty damn good, eh? I still don’t enjoy exercise–but it is part of my routine and I just do it. I work out at the gym here in my work building. It is free and easily accessible–hard to make excuses. Plus once I start working out I am totally into it.

I haven’t started running again since my knee incident. I kinda hate running. Maybe I will get back into it. I have been doing the elliptical at the gym, which is my favorite machine. And at home I do my toning DVD, Great Body Guaranteed. The name is funny, but the workout is amazing. It focuses on stretching, abs, arms, glutes and thighs. Ten minutes for each section and it is killer and a great workout.

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  1. hollibobolli Says:

    How many sections of the body do they count? Because that would be my question.. they could really segment the body into a hell of a long workout, but I have got to do something to tone all this flab into anything that might resemble the human form. 21 times is a hella lot!!

  2. Ann Says:

    10 mins for each section: 5 sections: stretching, arms, abs, glutes and thighs. And it is a major workout.