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I am maintaining

For the record, I am no longer trying to lose weight. Once you hit goal weight with WW you don’t just quit the program. I am now on the 6-week maintenance plan. It is all about trial and error. Every week at weigh-in we find out if I need to alter my point intake. If I gain weight I lose a point, if I lose weight I gain a point.

But I have to stay with the program or I will gain all that weight back. Once I am a Lifetime WW member I will still be counting points. At some point I will feel comfortable enough to not have to count points. But I will still attend meetings and weigh in.

And my weight loss wasn’t just about losing weight, but also how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Yes, I can splurge and have fondue one night for dinner and pizza for lunch one day. But every meal can’t be that way. As long as I stay within my daily points I can have whatever I want. And when I use a lot and only have a few points left for dinner I make it work.

So don’t you all worry, I am not gonna waste away and disappear.

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  1. hollibobolli Says:

    I’m pretty confident my family won’t find this.

    Before everyone was on my ass to lose weight. Then when I did – they were on my ass to not lose anymore weight.

    I just found a happy balance where something finally clicked and I just eat enough to satisfy my daily needs. But I don’t eat as much as I should when I’m stressed.. and then sometimes I’ll eat too much. Which is fairly normal. But unlike the past – I don’t freak out and think it’s all over and I just better give up. I just go on with life and start a new day.

    It sounds like you’ve figured out what works for you. I’m not worried a bit.


  2. Ann Says:

    Thanks. I appreciate that.

  3. Erica Kern Says:

    You are too smart about things…I don’t worry about you become obsessed about this. I think you had a goal, attained it and now want to stick to the plan. It is completely reasonable and I’m glad to hear that you are being so smart and healthy about all of this. It sounds like a great plan…sort of like what we say in al-anon…it is a blueprint for living…it sounds like, for you, WW is a blueprint for living. Plus, if you lose more weight you won’t fit into all your super cute new clothes! : )

  4. Ann Says:

    Thanks Erica.
    And you are right, I don’t want to have to go out and buy all new clothes. (I don’t think Curt would like that either.)