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10 Fitness Myths Unmasked

I get these e-mails from Usually I just delete them. But this one peeked my interest.

“Can you turn fat into muscle? Is the morning the best time to exercise? Will you get cramps if you drink too much water when you exercise? Can those ab machines on TV get rid of your pot belly? Spend time surfing the Internet for fitness information and, pretty soon, your head will explode from reading all the contradictions and misinformation about the best strategies to get fit.

Here are some of the more popular myths and old wives’ tales that have been propagated over the years.” Check out 10 Fitness Myths Unmasked to see the answers.

Yoga compliment

My yoga teacher yesterday told me my Warrior II was beautiful.

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  1. hollibobolli Says:

    I have a green thumb, but orchids are the one HUGE exception.. and I LOVE them.

    I freaking loved Vanilla Coke and I haven’t thought about it in forever!! I didn’t realize it was hard to find – I just haven’t bought any.. I guess because I haven’t seen it? If I see some I’ll snag it for you. I actually fedex’ed someone a case of Dublin Dr. Pepper once when they were pregnant!

    I’m going to check out those myths.. it sounds interesting!

    p.s. – I tried to add you to linkedin and it wouldn’t let me.. because I only have like 3 people on there! pftz!

  2. Jodie Says:

    Thanks for sharing those myths. My favorite one was about lifting light weights with a lot of reps to create lean muscles. That’s what I want for my arms. So now I don’t feel bad that I’m just pulling 10 pounds instead of 25.