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Lame workout

I went to the gym after work last night ready for a hard and sweaty cardio workout. Didn’t happen. Almost all of the machines were taken … again.

So I walked on the treadmill–I hate running. I still felt it and at least I did something. But I had almost talked myself out of going to the gym. I will be happy when the gym is back to normal.

I am going to take the 1 p.m. yoga class today.

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  1. Kate Gardiner Says:

    umm our beloved target does this. i was looking at triscuits there yesterday. 2 for $5. sounds like a good deal right? wrong. i don’t need the second box and the price before the sale: $2.54

    $.04 off!! big deal!

  2. Ann Says:

    LAME! Jerks!
    And I know how they like to try to hide the regular price. I always look for the regular price!