One-on-one yoga

I almost didn’t go to yoga this morning. But I thought I need to go. Get up! So I did.

(Oh, and last night I finally–after months and months–went back to kickboxing. Man, it was tough. A co-worker, Kim, joined me, which made it a little easier.)

There is this yoga sub at my gym for some reason I am not a fan of. I have started reminding myself to not let his style bother me and to just appreciate the practice.

I knew he was subbing today. I went into class and I was the only one. It ended up being great.

We focused on strengthening my core and stretching out my back. He asked me what I wanted to work on and we pretty much focused on my needs. Normally you would have to pay top dollar for a private yoga class.

Happy Friday everyone and have a great weekend!

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  1. How many people are usually the class?

    That’s great that you got to focus on you!

  2. ok, i’m lazy and didn’t copy edit my post. but you can figure out (;

  3. lol. i am really tired.

    ok. i will stop spamming your comments board.

  4. so your “needs” huh? wink. wink! ok i’m bad. i know…:O)