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Full-figured my @$$!!!!!!

So today while sweating away while working out hard on the elliptical I was reading an Us Weekly. The one where Christina tells us how she lost her 40 pounds of baby weight in just four months.

There was also other info from other celebrities telling us regular folk how they lost their baby weight or how they keep in shape. Yea, it is a lot easier when you can afford food delivered, a fancy trainer and a nanny or baby-sitter or whatever.

Anyway, on to what this enraged post is really about. There was a short article about America’s Next Top Model’s latest winner. (I don’t watch this show so this was all news to me.) Anyway, the latest winner was the show’s first full-figured winner.

OK, are you ready for this? The woman is 5-foot-10 and is a size 10. How in the hell is that full-figured? Even if she was 5-foot-5 and size 10, isn’t that kinda normal?

I am still looking at the picture trying to figure out where they came up with full-figured. I mean the woman is gorgeous and has an amazing body.

Oh wait, I just noticed that the headline refers to her as plus-size.

This is why women and girls starve themselves to be skinny. Cuz apparently if you are a size 10 (and tall) you are a full-figured plus-size gal.

I had to take a pic of it. (I don’t have a scanner, so this is the best I can get for you all.)

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  1. Erica Kern O'Neill Says:

    I guess that makes me full-figured! I am 5’9.5″ and wear an 8 or a 10 depending on who makes the pants. What a crazy world!

  2. JLC Says:

    definitely crazy. i do have to admit i’m a fan of the show… tyra banks seemed to handle the “plus-sized” issue relatively well — she said over and over again that whitney wasn’t “big” by any standards in the real world, just the “modeling world.” that if someone saw her outside of that context, she’d just be a gorgeous woman.

    so of course that leads us to how screwed up the modeling world is, but…

  3. Kate Gardiner Says:

    well they’ve always said marilyn who was definitely in the full voluptious category would never have flown in the post 1980 modeling world. i was looking at the victoria secret catalog this morning and the one girl with the auburn hair that has been one of their models forever (don’t remember her name) is a twig of course. but maybe the point of stick models is that there is NOTHING interesting about their bodies to get in the way of people looking at the clothes?!! the gal in this photo is HOT! it becomes the whole package with the clothes and the bod, instead of just selling the clothes.

    my .02

  4. Ann Says:

    I actually did a little research after I wrote this post. Full-figured plus size clothes start at the very smallest 12 and I found 12W. 14 was really the first size considered plus.
    When I was 30 lbs heavier I wore anywhere from a 10-14. I never considered myself full-figured. Esp. since I was gifted (sarcasm) with the pear shape.
    Thanks for your thoughts ladies.

  5. Curt Says:

    A former colleague works at About Face (, which seeks to combat female body-image stereotypes in the media. They accept volunteer help, donations, and all other kinds of support. So I urge each and every one of you naturally beautiful women to put your money where your mouth is.

  6. Penny Says:

    OK, as the only legitimately plus-sized woman in this discussion, here’s my bit:

    I use the body-mass index as a vague guideline ONLY (mainly because it gives the lower end of “normal” for my height as 125 — a full 60 pounds below where I am; if I dropped to that weight, my family would stage an intervention).

    A better indicator, I think, is back fat. Seriously. Back fat and love handles. If you’ve developed them, then you’re “plus size” for your body — no matter your height or weight or pant size. And just for health reasons, you should look into burning a few more calories.

    (Of course, that’s sounds very logical and mature — and is actually quite far from the body self-consciousness that has dogged me my entire life. But I am trying to get better.)