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Getting back on track

Yesterday we had our first meeting for the new WW series at work. We worked hard to get enough people in our building to join to start up the meetings again. WW at Work requires at least 15 paid members to come to your work to hold the meetings. If you are Lifetime (like me) you don’t count because you don’t pay.

If you are Lifetime you have a 2-lb limit you can go over your goal weight. I think that is a little lame. I mean, 2 pounds! Some women can gain 5 pounds in one day–bloating, water retention, etc.

Anyway, when I weighed in yesterday I was EXACTLY ON THE NOSE 2 lbs. over my goal weight. (If you are more than 2 pounds over your goal weight you pay a weekly fee until you are back to your goal weight.)

So today I am back to tracking my food. I have noticed lately that I haven’t really been paying attention to portions. That is my biggest issue right now. For the most part I am making decent food choices. But I want to get even better. Definitely having the meetings again will keep me accountable. Glad we have them back. And we have a new leader who I really like.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Good luck with getting back on track with WW at work. You looked great when we saw you at the wedding! Hope Joey’s test goes well today. Hugs -M

  2. Kate Gardiner Says:

    the one promising thing about gas prices skyrocketing is that GM today announced that they are greatly scaling back on suv/truck production and moving more into electric cars and small passenger cars. sucks that people will lose jobs but we will breathe easier.