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Not sure if step is for me

OK, when I first started kickboxing I felt like an idiot. Well, and looked like one, too. Now I feel slightly better. But I am still spaztic. (Is that even a word?)

I took step class last night, which is taught by the kickboxing teacher, Keren. I could not keep up. I didn’t get one single combo. But at least I kept moving.

While most of the others were doing the fancy routine I just did my own thing. So I felt more lame in step than I ever have in kickboxing.

But I plan on giving it a few more tries. Keren says after 3-4 classes I will have most of the combos down. We’ll see. I am not a very coordinated person. And I am so NOT graceful.

But it was a good workout and I got sweaty. And the time flew by.

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