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Feedback please

OK, so this blog has been up for a few weeks. So I want some feeback from my readers.

What do you think of this blog–seriously? If you have something negative to say, please do, just be nice. 🙂

What do you want to see more of, less of?

Is there something in particular you would like to me to write about/research?

Would you like to write a guest post? If yes, what about? (I may have already contacted some of my readers to guest blog. I will get you set up for that post soon.)

Do you like the look of the blog?

Please leave comments, feedback, remarks, etc. on this post, on The Wall or you can e-mail me at

No Responses to “Feedback please”

  1. Jen Says:

    I’m really enjoying your blog, and it keeps me motivated to keep going with my own routine.

    One thing I’d love to read about is how you keep your food in check — it’s one thing I struggle with, especially portion size and over-snacking in social settings. What works for you?

  2. Ann Says:

    Thanks Jen.
    I will definitely write about that.
    Thanks for your comments, compliments and question.
    And it is nice to know that my blog is helping you–that means a lot to me.

  3. Erica Kern O'Neill Says:

    I enjoy reading your daily updates. I’m inspired by the way you incorporate working out into your daily life – like getting dressed or eating lunch. I’m not that good. Yet. : )