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Not back on track

So my goal was to get back on track with eating more healthy and getting back on my workout schedule.

Last Monday (Jan. 26) I didn’t have a chance to hit the gym. But I worked out on my mini stair stepper once I got home from work. Did that for a half an hour. Then did crunches, leg lifts, etc. I felt really good afterward.

Then about 9:30 one side of my throat was sore. I went to bed soon after and when I woke up in the middle of the night my whole throat was sore.

Tuesday went into work but felt awful: chills, achy, congested, sore throat, exhausted. So went home early. Wednesday I would have called in. But there was a meeting I didn’t want to miss. So went in for that and then left early again.

My cold is much better. I am still congested and the cold has now moved to my chest. I was hoping to go back to yoga today. But I still felt too crappy for that.

Since I have been sick I have really toned down my dairy intake. And I have to say I feel so much better without it. I LOVE cheese. So this can be difficult. But I think I am going to try to keep dairy pretty minimal to my diet. I found a lactose free milk, which tastes pretty good.

And on Thursday when the cold was getting better I had milk with my cereal and some cheese later on. And, ugh, by the end of the day I could feel the effects of the dairy. Truly amazing.

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