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How I survive spin

I went to spin last night.

I am really not into the newer kickboxing class/teacher. Too many combos and we never hit anything! So lately I have been going to a body conditioning class on Thursdays at lunch, which my Saturday spin instructor teaches. I couldn’t go yesterday, so I tried the evening spin class with John.

Spin is the hardest class I have ever taken. I have gotten much better at it. But there are some days where my lungs are tight and my thighs can barely keep up with the pedaling. (That’s usually when Jennifer asks me if I am OK.)

The first time I took spin I looked at the clock every two minutes. So the class moved like a turtle. So now my goal is to only look at the clock every 15 minutes. I have somehow gotten pretty good at it. And I am excited when it is a little later–like 17 after the hour or 38 after the hour–when I take a peek at the huge clock.

If you are in the second row in class it is difficult to not look at the huge honkin clock staring at you.

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  1. Jen Says:

    that is funny — i totally know what you mean!

    in my yoga class, they took the minute and hour hands off the clock. all that’s left is the second hand, so the instructor knows how long to hold the pose — but we don’t have a clock to tell us how much time has passed.

    at first i was annoyed by that, but it really is kind of nice not to be fixating on it.