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Yoga pet peeves

These are more things that other people do to make my yoga experience a little less pleasant.

Late-comers: OK, when you are late to yoga class you should really wait until meditation is over before coming in (it’s what I do). But if you have to come in do it quietly. Take your shoes off, don’t clomp around. Set up as quietly as possible. It drives me nuts when people are dropping things on the hardwood floor.

Weight droppers: I do yoga in a gym. So you are gonna hear the music and other stuff. But sometimes during Savasana someone in the gym will drop a huge weight to the floor. They do it other times, too. But it is most disturbing during Savasana. The ground shakes. It feels like we are having an earthquake.

Right or left: This isn’t really a pet peeve. But my Monday/Wednesday morning yoga teacher mixes up the left and right a lot. We will be on the right and I am thinking, didn’t we just do the right side? Sometimes I am confused which way I should be twisting. That is really my only complaint about Sarah. And I have to say if I was the yoga instructor I would be messing up the left and right all the time.

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