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Guest Post: Erica

OK, OK, I guess it is now or never. I LOVE spin and this comes from a girl who hates exercise. When I started running a few years ago I really enjoyed it, but then I started having IT band issues and could not continue running. I was bummed because I had finally found something I enjoyed.

But, boy oh boy, running soooo does not compare to spin. I love the music, the dark room and the energy. I love that it kicks my butt almost every time. I love that I finish the class every time.

I love that I feel like the strongest, most amazing woman in the world because I just rode 10, 12, 15 miles on my bike every time (and this is coming from a girl who doesn’t know how to ride a “real” bike. But that is a whole ‘nother story).

For a while I was going to spin 2-3 times a week and I could see the muscles in my legs and butt almost immediately. One day my husband grabbed my upper thigh and gave me a look of surprise as he commented on how muscular my legs had become. Needless to say, that didn’t hurt the cause!

Alas, that has all changed. I continued to spin for the first few months of pregnancy but it became more and more difficult to keep my heart rate at a baby-safe level (even using a heart rate monitor) so I stopped going.

Just the other night I told my husband that I cannot wait for this kid to come so I can get back to spin class. I know, I know, that is a crazy concept especially for a non-exercise girl like myself. Hey, come to think of it, maybe they pipe something in the room or have some sort of subliminal messages in the music because it seems impossible that I would become hooked on something that makes me sweat and exert energy.

Who knows, spin class might even inspire me to learn how to ride a “real” bike one day! Check back … I might be writing a post on my cross-country bike trip or my tryout for the Tour De France!

Thanks so much Erica for sharing this with us. If anyone is interested in writing a guest post for Go Fit Girl! let me know via comments, Wall comments or send me an e-mail to:

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  1. Eric B. Says:

    Re: IT band issues
    I’m not a doctor or personal trainer (although I _am_ a Certified Massage Therapist in CA, a long story) BUT I have run a lot in the past with ongoing IT band issues until 1) I went to a massage therapist who 2) taught me good stretches and 3) introduced me to the foam roller. That cured it for me.
    My only IT issues now are when I forget to roll out my legs. If I feel the tightness coming on and don’t roll, then I have to stretch and roll for a few days. And if I forget those two and keep running, I have to get a deep massage, then stretch and roll for a few weeks.


  2. Erica Kern O'Neill Says:

    Eric, thanks for the comment. I went to physcial therapy and the exercises didn’t help too much and the foam roller helped a bit. The thing that helped the most was having the PT tape my knee (sort of a diagonol tape from knee cap back toward hamstring) but the PT told me that was a crutch and not a solution. I thought it was a perfectly adequate solution! : ) My sister is a long-distance runner and has had chronic IT problems until going to yoga regularly. I have tried things on and off but I’ve been lazy and a bit discouraged. Maybe I’ll give it another shot once this kiddo comes along. Thanks for your thoughts.

    Ann, thanks for the invite. I’ll keep you posted on stuff. : )

  3. Kate Says:

    i’m such a geek. for a few seconds, i’m thinking, why does erica have bandwidth issues on her computer? and why is she writing about it on ann’s fitness blog??…. :O)

  4. Curt Says:


    Eric B. is probably the only person you’ve conversed with who has successfully completed the Western States 100. That race goes from Lake Tahoe to Auburn, Calif. So I’d listen to whatever the man has to say about recovering from hefty workouts.

    What was your time, Eric? Something like 27 hours?

  5. Erica Kern O'Neill Says:

    I think I met him??!! Did he meet us for drinks when we were in town?


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