Trying to make the right choices

Curt and I decided to order sushi from Sushiya, our favorite sushi restaurant, for dinner last night. They just started a delivery service and we thought we should give it a whirl.


We got our sushi … and a beer. We are regulars and they treat us well. We didn’t even order the beer. Curt wanted to save the big ol beer and I was gonna have a Kirin (we have in cans [fancy!]) from the fridge. And then I decided that I didn’t need a beer and the sushi and water would be all I needed.

I retain water like crazy when it comes to soy sauce. Even if I use the low sodium. And I hadn’t planned on having any alcohol with dinner.

I was proud of myself for recognizing the fact that I didn’t need a beer and had water instead.

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  1. You’ll all be happy to know that the honker bottle of Kirin met an honorable demise.

  2. Erica Kern O'Neill

    Curt, you don’t disappoint. : )