Schmorgasbourg (sp?)

Once again at 3 & 3: 3 yoga, 3 spin classes with a dash of abs/core and body conditioning.

My cycling shoes got more compliments today. Man! Who knew a pair of not that attractive shoes would be so popular? One guy in class asked me where I got my shoes, he was from out of town. I told him REI and he asked me if there was one near by. So I told him how to get to REI.

There were a lot of new people in the abs/core class today. Lot of tough guys. After a half an hour of abs the class switches to body conditioning. All the tough guys left after the pretty tough abs class. That made me laugh. I was glad they left though because one of them was wearing cologne and it was making me sick. I mean, who wears cologne or perfume to the gym? (I have a very high sensitivity to perfumes, colognes, smelly lotions, etc. Probably not quite an allergy. But the smells can cause pretty severe headaches and make me nauseous.)

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