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Walking … in my boots

Since I was in the city, after my training yesterday Curt and I met up for a beer(s) and some popcorn.

After two beers and two baskets of popcorn (popcorn mostly consumed by me) we decided to walk to North Beach for dinner. I figured I needed the walk since I was drinking and about to eat pasta. According to Google Maps one way is about a mile and a half (but remember a lot of that is up hill).

When I went to training on Monday I wore my flats. But I also had tennies to walk to and from BART. Yesterday I wore boots and figured tennies weren’t needed since the boots were a little more practical. Well,¬†it would have been nice to have my tennies¬†yesterday.

I have a blister on one of my big toes and my feet just hurt. Still. But at least I got some exercise in …

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