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Do you think pork knee is low calorie?


For mine and Curt’s last night in Prague we had dinner at U Vejvodu (we also had lunch there–I had an amazing cheese plate). We ordered a roasted pork knee and pilsner.

Man, it was so good. But it was greasy with tons of fat. I think all the walking I did counter acted the effects of the pork? Maybe?

There was a lot of beer drinking this visit, too. The beer here is so good, especially at the St. Norbert monastery. Those guys know how to make some beer. Curt and I visited twice.

We loved Prague. It is a city filled with history, beautiful architecture, delicious food, awesome beer and a wonderful and easy city to walk around in (easy exercise).

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  1. Curt Says:

    It’s worth noting that the pork knee you see there was the entire meal. No side dishes, potato, dumpling, nothing. Just the pork shank and a couple dollops of mustard, horshradish. Deelish!