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Casual spin rider

So there is a woman who attends at least the Tuesday night spin class at my gym. I can’t quite remember if she comes on Thursdays.
Anyway, she just leisurely rides her bike. And really I am no one to judge anyone in spin. Everyone needs to go at their own pace. But why waste time at the gym when you don’t break a sweat? And I can’t possibly see what she gets out of it.
She would be better off taking a ride outside with a view of something more than someone’s butt.

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  1. Erica Kern O'Neill Says:

    There was a woman in my class who brought her (approx) 8 yr old son to class and he would lollygag on the bike. It bugged me because the class was packed and I imagine other adults would have appreciated the change to ride the bike! Alas, it was not my place to say anything and after a few classes he stopped coming.

  2. Ann Says:

    Yea, there have been times when the class is packed and someone rides for half the class and then leaves. That irks me. Especially for the regulars who plan to take the whole class.