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Comment Contest Tuesday

Instead of a guest post (mainly because I don’t have one) Comment Contest Tuesday is back for the new year.

I am not a big new year’s resolution person because they generally don’t stick.

But in the comments tell me something new you have started, want to start, are thinking about starting to becoming healthier or maybe something you already do that’s healthy and you want to share. It can be as simple as: drink less soda, no seconds, walk at least twice a week.

You can comment as much as you like. The comment has to be health and fitness related. Up to three comments will be counted. In other words, you can comment five times, but your name will be put in the hat three times for the drawing of the winner. Make sense? Winner and prize will be announced on Monday.

You have until Friday at noon (my time) to comment away. You have to comment in the comments on Go Fit Girl! I won’t accept e-mails, comments on Facebook, etc.

OK, comment away. I can’t wait to hear your great ideas.

No Responses to “Comment Contest Tuesday”

  1. Lisa S. Says:

    My husband’s bloodwork came back from the doctor, and his triglycerides are higher than the doctor is comfortable with. So: much less red meat in the house (nothin’ but poultry and fish) and I’m dragging him around the island on 3-mile walks 3x/weekly.

    As for me: am using Lose It on the iPhone to track my daily calorie consumption. Time to reinforce good habits after the Month of Magical Eating!

  2. Jen F Says:

    I am going to exercise at least 3 times a week… at the worst. Before the holidays I was going to Abs class 2x, running or elliptical 2x, and spin 1x every week. So I know I can do it. But since Thanksgiving I have been slacking, and set that “minimum” for myself to keep motivated when life gets busy.

  3. Jen F Says:

    I am going to take my cholesterol pill every morning when I brush my teeth. Need to get that number down, and diet/exercise aren’t doing the trick.

  4. Jen F Says:

    My daughter and I are teaming up and learning how to knit. I found someone to teach us and we’re really excited. I know this isn’t fitness related, so don’t enter it. But since you’re a knitter I thought you would be interested! I joined and I’m jenfloyd08 on that site. 🙂

  5. Melissa Says:

    I decided that I’m going to stop eating when I’m feeling content instead of stuffing myself. This last year I noticed that I’ll eat to the extent of being stuffed where I can’t eat another bite but then I’ll continue to eat because it’s really good or if it’s just sitting in front of me. It’s all about portion control!

  6. alicia Says:

    i noticed that with the holidays, my move, wk, and family i’ve been completely stressed out of my mind and lately have started getting those fancy dancy drinks from starbucks. according to hungry girl, they are full of calories and fat. so i’m going to have to stop that and stick to my usual afternoon chamomile tea. it’s a great afternoon drink to calm my nerves.

  7. alicia Says:

    now that the holidays are over i thought all the snacky foods would disappear with it. unfortunately i was wrong! it got worse! ever since coming back to wk there has been all sorts of chocolates, popcorn, crackers, nuts, etc. not sure where all this is coming from, but there’s more food now then during the holidays.

    been trying to stay away from the kitchen. obviously it’s still a dangerous room to be in.

  8. Ann Says:

    Thank you ladies for posting your comments. All were good.
    Lisa, I may have to check out that iPhone app.
    Jen, your exercise plan sounds good. Cool on the knitting. Technically that isn’t health and fitness related. But when I knit it sure it more difficult to snack.
    Melissa, portion control is so important. And I have that habit of conintually eating something just because it tastes good.
    Alicia, those fancy Starbucks drinks are so yummy. But yea, the calories and fat are insane. Tea is a nice alternative. I have been trying to have tea in the afternoons and sometimes in the evenings.
    I will do the random drawing over the weekend and announce the winner Monday.
    Thanks again for commenting.