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To work out or to not work out, that is the question

Yesterday afternoon my throat got a little scratchy and I was feeling really tired.

I can’t tell if I am tired or a cold is coming on. I was in Phoenix over the weekend and didn’t get the best sleep. And the past three nights at home sleep has been disturbed by the crazy storms we have been having. A normal good night’s sleep for me is when I wake up 2-3 times a night.

Last night I took Nyquil before bed and headed to bed early. I slept better than the two nights before that. But not great.

Today at work I felt tired and a little off. From 7 a.m. on (every 3 hours) I took my Zicam.

I didn’t feel super bad, but wondered whether or not I should hit my normal spin class after work. (Yes, this is the reason for this post. Took some time to get here.) It really depended on how I felt at the end of the day. Though if I am getting sick or even exhausted I felt that maybe I shouldn’t go to the gym.

Well, a late meeting pretty much decided that for me.

Anyway, I guess the moral of this story is … I personally feel it is a bad idea to work out when you are sick, maybe getting sick or getting over something. Your body needs to fully heal before you work it like that. There have been times where I am getting over a cold and think I am ready to hit the gym again. Sometimes you can do more damage than wait to be fully healed.

My gym bag is packed for yoga class tomorrow. I am hoping to make it. We’ll see.

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  1. Maria Says:

    Fun site, Ann! I linked here from Michael’s terrific culinary school blog. (He used to be my editor at USA Today.)

    I agree about pushing too hard when you’re sick. The standard line is that it’s no problem, and that it might even help. But inevitably, if I work out while I’m sick, I feel worse, and it takes longer to get better. I think the body needs to heal, just as you said, and all that exercise takes away from the healing process. In addition, it spreads the germs, and who needs that?! It’s still hard for me to take time off when I’m under the weather, but I’m getting better about not feeling guilty about it!