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Denise Austin …

ad was on my blog.

Hee hee. I just thought that was funny and wanted to share:

I don’t like all the ads that appear on my blog, such as the cookie diet. But there isn’t anything I can do about it. Anyway, I guess Denise Austin ads are OK.

5 Responses to “Denise Austin …”

  1. DAFan Says:

  2. DeniseFan Says:

    Yeah, I would just like to say that I had read that Denise Austin was quoted in the Washington City Paper saying she was upset over lewd comments made about past clips on YouTube. According to the Washington DC weekly newspaper, Denise giggled when someone asked if she was aware that she’s become the object of so much perversion and said, “Now I’m worried!” She also said that she was totally unaware of it (yeah right!). I wonder if she has ever read any of the comments and giggled. Look up “Denise Austin Gets Indecent Exposure” to read the article.

  3. DeniseFan Says:

    Denise should stick to the heavily retouched photos of herself on herr web site. Her sun-destroyed neck skin is beyond horrific … and more than enough to give 86-year-old women nightmares.

  4. DeniseFan Says:

    Denise Austin seems not to have augmentation,
    botox,plastic surgery, etc. (That is, I’m not saying Denise hasn’t but
    if shehas it’s less discernible.) She does enjoy photo retouching
    though. 😉 Wonder what that Dorian Gray-esque painting in her attic
    looks like now? 😉

  5. DeniseFan Says:

    Denise is getting a little long in the tooth but at least she looks her age now. 🙂