Soaking spin class

Since yoga has been temporarily (I keep using that word) been canceled until a new teacher is found I have to do some other sort of work out on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Tonight I went to spin. Miwa, who teaches Thursday nights, subbed tonight. Not sure who actually teaches Wednesday nights. (Some of the classes and teachers have been a little out of sorts lately.) Miwa is spunky and teaches a good hard class.

Tonight she had us imagine that we had one of those kid carts things attached to the back of our bike. Every minute we would add a “kid” to the cart. Miwa’s classes are really tough, but she makes them fun.

At the end of class I was absolutely soaked.

I am missing spin tomorrow because I have a training in the city (and a dinner afterward). I won’t be back in time for class.

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