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“She looks great …

I want to look like her.”

Today I attended the noon spin class. I had plans tonight with friends and still wanted to work out. So I went to the noon spin class, which is usually taught by Jennifer. But Jennifer is on vacation so Heidi, the Zumba instructor, taught today.

It was a different class, but still good and still hard. I usually leave a little early to get in the shower quickly and head back to work. Today as I was leaving Heidi said to the rest of the class … She looks great. I want to look like her.

I was flattered and wanted to go back to the class and tell her I lost 30 pounds about three years ago.

No Responses to ““She looks great …”

  1. Regina Says:

    Isn’t it funny how much farther those overheard compliments go than direct compliments? I think we get used to hearing people say “nice” things that we don’t know how far we can trust, so overheard compliments we KNOW are heartfelt lol. You work so hard Ann, you should feel proud of how great you look AND feel!

  2. Ann Says:

    Regina, you are right. It is always nice to hear a compliment second hand–whether overheard or heard by someone repeating what they heard.
    Thanks, Regina. I need to stay away from that dang candy bowl on my desk!