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Zumba for the uncoordinated

Tonight I tried Zumba for the very first time. My gym just started the class tonight. And it was a blast!

I am not very coordinated, so a lot of classes like that are tough for me (I so suck at step). But since this was a brand new class Heidi started out pretty basic, which I still had a few issues with. But I got into it. Man, what a workout. I was sweaty, tired and had a lot of fun.  I plan on taking the class again.

There was a lot of hip shaking–which works when you got the hips. There were a lot of other things shaking, too. HA!

If you don’t know what Zumba is, you can watch this short video, which gives you a good idea.

No Responses to “Zumba for the uncoordinated”

  1. L Ray Says:

    Everyone is saying how much fun Zumba is and how easy it is to learn the steps. Well, I have tried and tried, and I just can’t get it. Sure, I can learn one step, but if I have to combine a step with arm motions, forget it. I’m not an entirely uncoordinated person, but apparently I have a lot of trouble following the steps. Maybe it’s because I’m watching the video, rather than someone doing the steps (with back to me), but I find Zumba incredibly difficult. 🙁

  2. Ann Says:

    L Ray, I know what you mean. I can’t do step or aerobics really because I can’t really follow the steps. Maybe one or two. But more than that and pretty much forget it.
    The instructor in my class takes time to teach us a new combo. And I still have issues.
    I have heard most Zumba classes are not that way. They just go and you have to follow. I don’t think I could learn that way. And I would be lost and all over the place.
    Maybe you can find some sort of beginner class? Or beginner video?
    Good luck.