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Comment Contest Tuesday

OK, gang, it’s time for Comment Contest Tuesday.

I would like to do more research for Go Fit Girl! Instead of always just writing about my own personal experiences I would like to try to explore down the road of a little research. But I need your help for that.

What I want to hear from you is, what do you want me to write about?  Is there a subject you would like researched? Do you want to know more about a certain type of exercise? You can even ask me direct questions. Was there a Go Fit Girl! guest blogger you would like to hear a follow-up from?

To participate in Comment Contest Tuesday answer the above request in the comments below. You can comment as much as you like. The comment has to be relevant to the actual request. For every time you individually (one comment per reply) comment your name will be thrown into a hat three times. Up to three comments will be counted. So you could have your name in the drawing a total of nine times. Just make sure each comment is in its own reply. Does that make sense? I just don’t want people writing the three comments all in the same reply–I can’t always tell if I should count those once or more than once. Winner and prize will be announced on Tuesday or Wednesday. You have a whole week to come up with stuff.

You have until next Tuesday at noon (my time) to comment away. You have to comment in the comments on Go Fit Girl! I won’t accept e-mails, comments on Facebook, etc.

Good luck!

No Responses to “Comment Contest Tuesday”

  1. windy Says:

    If you are taking suggestions, I am curious how everyone makes time for exercise with busy lives including getting a kid to school (on time) getting themselves to work (also on time) working (all day) heading home to make/eat dinner (good-for-you) and then being totally wiped out for the night… and then doing the whole thing over again!
    I think I have the eating (relatively) right down, drinking water vs. soda and basic better-for-you choices, but that whole fitness regimen is just not fitting in for me. Since you are asking, that is what I’d like to hear more about : )

  2. Jennifer Says:

    I no longer work fulltime… but when I did, the easiest and best way for me to get my exercise in was to do it during the work day. Getting up early before work (especially when you have kids) is just not an option. Similarly, staying after work to get that workout in is hard with kids. Even though it’s somewhat annoying to have to leave work in the middle of the day, the best option I found is to go at lunchtime. Yes, you may go an extra 20 minutes into your work day… but that’s really not too bad if you can manage to fit in a spinning or cardio class into your daily schedule. And then by the time you leave work, you have finished your exercise for the day! Yes, I do know you will then have to shower… but it’s all good in the end. I mentioned that I no longer work fulltime… I am now a fitness instructor and teach spinning and various other forms of cardio exercise. Specifically I teach the noontime class 3 days a week and see it work for many working people. It works! You should definitely try it! Good luck!

  3. jen Says:

    I’d love to hear how people stay motivated to stick with a plan. I’ve had tremendous trouble with that lately.

  4. Penny Says:

    I’d be curious to know if those funky tennis shoes — the ones that are kind of curved on the bottom, so that your heel goes really far down as you walk (earth shoes?) — really work or not. 🙂

  5. alicia Says:

    some people stop eating when they are stressed. unfortunately i’m not one of those. i will eat anything that is bad for me and i feel like i have almost no control over it. i actually feel comforted when i eat this bad food so it’s hard to stop. was curious how other people cope with it.