Back at it

I went back to the gym today after missing it for a little more than a week.

And I started it all over again with an hour or spin; 1/2 hour of abs/core; and 1/2 hour of body conditioning.

By the time I got to body conditioning I had hit the wall and just couldn’t give it my all. But I did my best.

For a snack I went with Crookneck Squash. I just cut it up into slices and sprinkled lemon and pepper and salt. It was yummy and crunchy.

Our garden is finally starting to produce veggies to actually eat. The husband just told me some tomatoes will be ready to eat tomorrow. Yum! Can’t wait.

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  1. You don’t seem to have a lack of motivation, but I thought you might like to read this web post, anyway. Enjoy! 🙂

  2. Thanks, Jen. That is a good plan. And I do still need motivation.