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Making better choices

Yesterday a co-worker/friend wanted to go to Chevys after work. We both had one drink and no chips and salsa. I had a Corona Light. My friend ordered a mango margarita, which she usually can’t finish. Normally I would finish the drink for her. But I was trying to be disciplined and not consume too many empty calories. I was proud of myself for having the strength and will power.

Today for lunch my co-workers and I grabbed food at a place near work. You can build your own salad or sandwich. I came up with a pretty yummy sandwich recently. I decided to use my own bread (Sara Lee Delightfuls) and I just got the ingredients to put into the sandwich, which made it cheaper and healthier. I got two slices of bacon instead of my normal four. I also got one slice of Pepper Jack cheese instead of two slices. I also used a lot less chipotle mayo. (In case you want to know the sandwich, it is a fancy version of a BLT: chipotle mayo, Pepper Jack cheese, bacon, sun dried tomatoes, lettuce, regular tomatoes, possibly avocado spread and whatever bread you want. Lately I have been using focaccia bread, which is loaded with calories.)

For my work out today I wasn’t able to attend my noon spin class because of a meeting. And I had errands and stuff to do after work. So I decided to work out in the little gym in my work building. I worked out on the stair master for about 30 minutes and then did some abs and stretching.

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  1. Jen Says:

    Hey Ann!

    I just joined Weight Watchers (the Sunday before Thanksgiving of all days) and am liking it so far — down 3.6 lbs Thanksgiving week!

    Trouble is, I’m going on vacation in a couple weeks, and I’m afraid I’ll get knocked off the wagon with tropical drinks and assorted vacation-y goodies. Do you have any advice (or a particular blog post) for a WW newbie on vacation?

    Thanks so much!
    Jen 🙂

  2. Jen Says:

    Oh! And the trip is in Central America… so I don’t know what the availability of nutrition info will be. Eeek!