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My new favorite way to drink water

I try to drink enough water every day for a variety or reasons. Water is good for me and you, it helps fill me up, it keeps me from feeling thirsty …

I have an aluminum water bottle I use at the gym. I had a second Camelbak water bottle, but it had a wide mouth and well, I spilled it a lot and usually over me. One day I left my Camelbak water bottle at a restaurant in Honolulu …

So last weekend I finally bought a new one at REI.I got the same color (blue is my favorite color) and the same size. It easily fits in the car and it’s a great size for traveling, plus it has a great little handle that I can hold on to or strap to something.

I decided to go with the water bottle with the straw. I have to say this was the best 12 bucks I have spent. I feel like I drink so much more water with this thing. The water bottle is like a sippy cup/baby ¬†bottle mixed into one. It’s great. It felt weird drinking out of it at first, but now I am used to it.

My goal is to blog more often. I feel like three times a week is a good goal to try to achieve. But I need you all to help me with comments and questions and whatever else. A while back I asked my readers what they wanted to know. And I still intend on answering those questions. It just takes a little time and research and I get lazy … You can also follow Go Fit Girl! on Twitter for quickie daily updates.

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