Who wants to wear a diaper?

I went to possibly my last Tuesday spin class. (Still trying to figure out my workout sked with my company move.)

Curt got me an REI gift card for Christmas. I recently used part of it to buy some cycling boxer shorts. I have never wanted to buy padded cycling shorts or pants as they feel like you have a load in your diaper. (Plus, they are pretty expensive.) The cycling boxer shorts go under workout clothes or regular “street” clothes.

I finally remembered to pack the cycling boxers in my gym bag for spin tonight. For the most part I liked them. They were a little tight on my legs. And they rode up a little. But they provided good padding without feeling like a load in my diaper.

At the end of class Boku gave me his CD playlist he made for class as a parting gift. I thought that was really awesome. A lot of time Boku has theme music. Today was all songs he has heard while at the ballpark since baseball season officially starts this week.

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