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Comment Contest Tuesday

Woops. Ann drinking her water.

Comment Contest Tuesday is back, at least for today.

Keeping with the water theme … tell me how you get your daily water in. Do you have tricks, ways to make it easier, enhancers? Or do you just down your daily water with ease and grace?

If you haven’t quite mastered getting a healthy amount of water in every day, how much are you drinking? Why are you struggling?

To participate in Comment Contest Tuesday answer the above question(s) in the comments below. You can comment as much as you like. The comment has to be relevant to the actual question(s). For every time you individually (one comment per reply) comment your name will be thrown into a hat three times. Up to three comments will be counted. So you could have your name in the drawing a total of nine times. Just make sure each comment is in its own reply. Does that make sense? I just don’t want people writing the three comments all in the same reply–I can’t always tell if I should count those once or more than once. Winner and prize will be announced sometime next week. So you have a whole week to come up with some comments.

You have until next Tuesday at noon (my time) to comment away. You have to comment in the comments on Go Fit Girl! I won’t accept e-mails, comments on Facebook, etc.


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  1. alicia Says:

    I have a tendency not to drink as much water as I should. The main reason is because I forget and just don’t think about it until I start to feel it. I know this is bad since I’ve read that once you feel it, that is when your body really needs it. I have noticed once I get to this point, I don’t feel like my normal self and once I start drinking water it takes me a little while to feel like me again. Another reason I don’t like to drink water is because it makes me pee a lot. I feel like I could live in the restroom. As I’ve gotten older I noticed that my body needs the water. During the work week in the afternoons I make myself a 12 ounce of chamomile tea. As I drink it and it gets cold I re-fill it all afternoon. So I’m guessing that I’m probably drinking 48 ounces. Another trick I do is if I have an adult beverage I also have a glass of water with me since alcohol dehydrates me.

  2. alicia Says:

    Sometimes I find that I don’t drink water is because it’s not convenient. I guess I can be lazy. So to get over this I use to keep bottle water in the fridge so cold water is readily available. Problem is this takes up valuable space. Recently we bought a new refrigerator. My boyfriend insisted on getting the kind with an ice and water dispenser on the outside door. It’s fantastic. Now getting cold water is only a few buttons away.

  3. Jen Says:

    My trainer’s been bugging me to drink more water and lay off the Diet Coke, but it’s so hard! Lately I’ve been filling up my regular 32-oz. soda cup with water instead of going to the soda fountain in the newsroom cafeteria. That seems to help at least a little bit, oddly enough.

  4. Jen Says:

    Also, I went to for my regular dentist appointment yesterday and the technician found a little “stick” on one of my teeth. The dentist said it wasn’t a cavity, but that soda (even diet soda) will cause cavities because of the acid in the drink. That was enough to get me drinking water all day yesterday!

  5. Penny Says:

    We’ve always been water drinkers in my family — we each had an assigned glass water bottle (wine bottle size, with a rubber-and-ceramic stopper), so we always had cold water in the fridge. It helped that it was always there, always ready — and lower and easier to grab than a glass up in a cabinet, when I was a little kid. Plus, getting to drink out of a glass bottle, rather than plastic, made me feel a bit fancy when I was a kid, so it turned it into a treat.

    As I’ve grown up, I’ve fallen a bit out of the habit, but I find it easy to “catch up” by gulping. That is, when I realize I haven’t had water in a bit, I chug a few big mouthfuls (or an entire cup). I keep a 32-ounce cup on my desk at work and try to drink it twice during the day (getting up to refill it is a nice excuse for a break), and then at least one more of the same size at home in the evening.

    It helps that I actually LIKE water, so drinking down 8 ounces at one time isn’t “work” for me, but refreshing.

  6. Angelica Says:

    I am a prek teacher n always on the, so my daily routine (which start 3/2), is clock in put my personal items away get a large 44oz cup n then wit water my alarm is set for 3 hrs n if it goes off b4 I drink the glass of water is set then I make it a point to drink it all within 30 mins. Seems to be workin n have only to down 44oz of water within 30mins once as oppose to all day b4 3/2.

  7. Angelica Says:

    Its hard for me to drink hot or tap temp water, so I make it a point to always put ice in my water. At times I freeze half a bottle water then fill the rest up wit tap water on my way out the door when at home. Tat way my water is cold for several hours n I will drink it quicker, since I know the ice will melt n the water will no longer b cold.

  8. Aunt Pam Says:

    I have found that I drink more water if it’s ice cold and I drink it using a straw. The straw is the critical factor.

  9. Alison Says:

    I definitely don’t have a problem drinking water! When I was working, I would make sure to have a refillable container with me. My co-workers would come back from lunch nursing their fountain soda all afternoon and I’d be refilling my Disneyland water bottle!

  10. Alison Says:

    When I was pregnant, my doc told me I needed to drink a gallon of water a day…not too hard for me, I was already consuming it in mass quantities. The only big change was I couldn’t drink tap water anymore, (honestly, I don’t think it would cause any harm, my kid would just come out immune to AZ water) so my husband bought a Brita – the big one with a spout. I craved ice & lemon…so I literally drank ice water with lemon ALL day. I’m not pregnant anymore but I keep up the gallon/day. I keep a water bottle with me all day, and refill it from my Brita…good for me and the Earth.

  11. Regina Says:

    I am totally your Fit Girl stalker, I LOVE the posts AND the comments!

    I struggle every single day to hydrate. Frankly I don’t find anything thrilling about water, it has no taste, and unless it’s room temp or warmer it hurts my teeth and stomach. I’ve learned to re-use my tea bags with hot water since that helps me stay warm in our office AC, and adds some flavor to my unsweetened water. And I’ve also learned that having a cup/straw set REALLY helps! It’s easy to reach for a cup with a straw in it instead of a bottle I have to open, and work provides water dispensers that can make room temp water!

    I was glad to read an earlier post from you that gave the thumbs up to Mi-o the new water enhancer. That’s going to be my weekend experiment. Apparently smokers and former-smokers need to hydrate at their required levels for two full weeks before their body will even begin to absorb the needed nutrients, because the smoke sucks so much moisture from the body. Here’s to the water highway of recovery!

  12. Ann Says:

    Thanks to everyone for your comments.
    All entries will be thrown in a hat and a name will be picked out randomly.

    Thanks to all of your for your support. I have been working hard to get Go Fit Girl! a regular thing and I hope to keep you all as regular readers.
    Don’t forget to like Go Fit Girl! on Facebook.

    And, hey, thanks, Regina for being my stalker. 🙂