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If only I were a runner

My intention today was to get up this morning and head to the gym. I woke up about 7:15, which is rather late for me. (The gym didn’t open until 8 a.m. today.)  I still felt tired and went into the spare room and turned on the TV to Lifetime Movie Network. At some point I dozed off for a bit. I toyed with idea of still going to the gym or working out from home. Eventually neither sounded great and laziness won the battle.

Today is the kind of day where I wish I was a runner. It would be so easy to throw on some exercise clothes, grab my iPhone and take off running. But I hate to run and I pretty much suck at running. I think I would last about 2 minutes before I needed to take a break. I know a lot of people who run and tell me if I can do crazy spin I can run. Well, not true. Running would be great because it is easy cardio you can do anywhere.


My yoga mat hanging in the shower to dry after getting cleaned in the washing machine.

I was successful at getting the stank out of my yoga mat. I decided to throw it in the washer with very little detergent (as instructed) on a delicate cycle. Once it was done in the washer, I pulled it out and grabbed a hanger with clips for a skirt or pants and hung it in the shower to dry.

By this morning the mat was clean, dry and the stank was gone. Little did I know that would be so easy and successful.

The one site I found where it said to not wash your mat in a washing machine said the machine wash can wear on your mat. I could see that at some point.

Eventually I want to buy a new mat. The one I have is kinda cheap and I may want to invest in a better one at some point.

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  1. Jen Says:

    My workout was a little odd but fun today. Usually I take Mondays to do my school work (web design) for several hours before or after work, so I make it my off-day from the gym. But my next class doesn’t start until tomorrow, so I decided to try a new gym class.

    Well, the class was taught by a sub for the holiday, and he was really fun. The class name was “cardio dance”, but his version turned out to be like learning a hip-hop routine (but very dumbed-down for us old ladies 😉 ). It wasn’t as much cardio as I was hoping for, but it was fun, and part of the exercise was to “pretend like we’re Beyonce.” Kind of silly, but not so bad if everyone has to do it. Hopefully that sub will teach one of my other classes one of these days!

  2. Ann Says:

    That reminds me of when I used to do Zumba and she would tell us to be sexy. I (and pretty much everyone else in the class) was anything but.
    Glad you worked out today.

  3. Jen Says:

    Yeah — sometimes they tell us to give the dance some “attitude.” My “attitude” usually ends up looking like jazz hands. 😉

  4. BikeRunYoga Says:

    It is true most mats deteriorate over time in the wash. The chemicals in cleaners and the agitation break down the rubber or other materials and create tiny holes, allowing bacteria, aka the stink, in the mat. A washing machine is a good option for cleaning it. I would get a new mat at some point too, if not just for the smell but also so you aren’t laying on bacteria in your mat!

    When you do buy a new one, look for “closed cell” technology. That is where the rubber is completely closed an no sweat gets in the mat. You also do not wash these in a washer, you wipe them off with mat spray, they never get the bacteria in them. 🙂

  5. Ann Says:

    Thanks for the tip, Bike Run Yoga!