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Getting hot and sweaty on my lunch hour

Ann on the spin bike at the gym.

Normally I work from home on Fridays. But I have to go in to the office tomorrow. So I worked from home today.

Which meant that I was able to go to noon spin at the gym. It was a great workout, as always.

That is one of the negatives with my company moving to South San Francisco. I can’t run off to the gym for an extended lunch break and take a spin class or yoga class or whatever it is I want to do.

I can work out at the gym we have at work. I usually work out in that gym 2-3 times a week at the end of the day. I try to use the espinner, if it is available, and lucky for me it has been available every time I have wanted to use it.

After my espinner “class,” if I have time, I also do some weights or leg work (lunges and squats–man, I hate those!) or some abs. My workouts in the work gym tend to be 45 minutes to an hour. That’s pretty good.

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