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Keeping up with the spin bike

My results from my "great ride" today doing intervals.

Today was Day No. 21 in a row of me doing some form of exercise. I believe you should take at least one day off each week to break from exercise. I don’t feel like I have been going overboard and I feel good with my workouts.

I know Thursday I won’t be hitting the gym or the yoga studio as we have friends in town for one night only and I want to see them. So I will get my break then. (And probably take in a ton of calories, too.)

Today at the work gym I did an interval spin on the espinner. It’s a great routine as you get a variety of training on the bike: climbing; sprinting; jumps; endurance; hills …

I was so dreading exercising today. I debated on whether I wanted to do spin or yoga. And I really didn’t want to do either. I went with the spin as it was easier to get it over with while still at work then come home and still have to convince myself to go to the studio.

It was a tough workout. But it was good. And I am glad I did it … at least I felt that way after the 53 minutes were over!

No Responses to “Keeping up with the spin bike”

  1. Jen Says:

    Good for you hitting the bike! That sounds like an awesome workout.

    Between vacations and summertime busy-ness, I haven’t been working out my normal 6 days a week lately. I’ve still been getting in a lot of workouts, but I have a big one coming up this weekend — zumba instructor training! Hopefully that won’t kick my butt too hard. 🙂

  2. Ann Says:

    Wow! Zumba instructor training. Good for you! At some point I gave up on Zumba. Eventually it just wasn’t fun for me anymore. And I am even less motivated now with the long commute and unsure times when I arrive back to the gym for class times.

  3. Jen Says:

    Yeah — it’s tough to stick to any gym routine (at least for me) if it’s not close by. A friend talked me into zumba training. I don’t know if I will ever get up the nerve to teach a class, but after training I’ll be able to attend conventions and “master classes”, so that will be fun. 🙂