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Well-fitted, comfy tanks for spin and yoga

My three new Columbia omni-wick tanks I recently bought at REI.

I love the tank tops (and some of the other clothes) they sell at the yoga studio. But they are expensive.

I usually wear tank tops in yoga and in spin. I get hot so easily. But most of the tank tops I wear in spin are made of cotton and get soaked easily. That seems to be OK in spin.

But for some reason I feel the need to have that wick technology stuff while in sweaty yoga, like these.

I had been wanting some more sweaty yoga appropriate tanks. I also like to wear fitted tops. When in an inversion I don’t want part of the shirt hanging in my face. Drives me nuts.

Curt and I recently went to REI. I checked out the clearance racks. I found some tank tops in my size and price range. So I grabbed three of them. They are so comfy and are well-fitted. I have worn them in sweaty yoga and while spinning. They seem to fit my needs.

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