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Earning my shiny stars

The July 2011 stars I earned with dedication and exercise.

Days after I got back from vacationing in Barcelona in June I started back into my exercise routine. From June 22 until July 13 I did some form of exercise. That’s 22 days in a row.

We had friends in town so I hate a delicious dinner and drinks with them in the city on what would have been Day 23. I was “lazy” the following night and skipped yoga. The third day I was back at it and have been since. Today counts as Day No. 18 of exercise done in a row.

For the month of July I worked out 29 of the 31 days. I am really proud of myself. I keep a calendar at work and mark each day I exercise with a star sticker. It’s a small thing–but it takes me back to being a kid and being proud to get that shiny star.

Sometimes people will ask me what the stars on my calendar mean. When I tell them they are usually impressed.

I am running low on star stickers so I bought some smiley stickers. I am using smileys to mark my August exercise.

No Responses to “Earning my shiny stars”

  1. Teresa Tirado Says:

    I love your shiny star calendar! It’s so you!

    Exercising as much as you have in an incredible accomplishment. You’re a shiny 🙂 example to the rest of us slugs. 🙂 Keep up the good work but also remember that when you aren’t able to exercise don’t beat yourself up. Just take a look at your own shiny example, after 23 days you took a mini break and then you were right back at it! You go fit girl!

  2. Ann Says:

    Thanks, Teresa. I appreciate your kind words. They are encouraging.