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It’s about taking care of me again

Just waiting for Forrest Yoga to start this evening.

Tonight I attended the Friday evening Forrest Yoga class. It was a sweaty class with warm air flowing around. Bleh. But the heat really helps you release toxins and get in poses more deeply.

I usually work from home on Fridays. And I did today. I was on a roll with what I was working on. And frankly, I just have a lot of projects going on right now. I could have just kept working.

But I told myself I needed to take care of me and take a break and have an amazing practice.

I am so glad I did. Forrest Yoga is a little different than other yoga practices. Some of it is a little funky. But for the most part I enjoy the practice.

We hold poses longer. We have active feet. We really focus on Ujjayi breath. The instructor comes around and helps everyone get into a pose better or more actively. Today the class was pretty full so the attention to each student wasn’t as much. But I got attention from her at least twice, maybe three times. And once I even got a neck massage. Oh yea!

Taking care of me felt great tonight. (Now I am watching movies, having a Corona Light and eating some popcorn. Oh, and don’t forget about the furbaby curled up next to me.)

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