What’s for dinner?

Some of the ingredients for my dinner tonight. Tomatoes are from the home garden.

First off, I got a good workout in today. I did an hour on the espinner and then about 20 minutes of weights: lat pull downs; rows; leg press weight machine; and some abs.

I came home, jumped in the shower, got work clothes and yoga clothes ready for tomorrow and I made dinner.

Over the weekend at the grocery I bought a new kind of tortilla. Safeway had a coupon and they looked decent. Each Corn & Whole Wheat Blend Artisan Style Tortilla has 90 calories; 2.5 grams of fat; 3 grams of fiber and protein. And they actually taste good, too.

For dinner tonight I had a side salad and I sauteed some tomatoes from our garden in garlic and a little olive oil.

I used my tomato concoction as a spread on the tortilla, which was heated up on my gas stove–the only way to heat up a tortilla. Dinner was pretty yummy. I had two tortillas with spread. And i have to say I could have kept on eating.


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  1. I was at Safeway today after work and saw the same exact tortillas. Thought about getting them, but didn’t. Good to know they are tasty!