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Keeping my wrists safe

Ann in Downward Facing Dog.

About two weeks ago my left wrist hurt. I was careful with it while exercising. After a few days the pain went away.

Yesterday my right wrist started to hurt. I can’t figure out what I did to either one to have any pain. I do have some pretty skinny wrists. Maybe it’s all the bags I carry to work. Maybe because I am careless and run into things or over do it. Not really sure.

Tonight in yoga I was careful in certain poses with not putting unnecessary pressure on my wrist to cause any pain. Downward Facing Dog didn’t bother me. But plank did. So I used yoga dumbbells for plank, luckily we didn’t do plank much. I also kept my right hand in a fist in a few poses, which made my wrist stronger, more stable and not feel the pressure of some of the poses.

Yesterday at the gym I did a few exercises with the free weight dumbbells to strengthen my wrists such as this and this.

My wrist feels better today than yesterday. Let’s hope there is more improvement tomorrow.

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