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Opening hips, opening heart

My brother and me in front of the twin towers circa 1989.

Today in Vinyasa Yoga class we set intentions. Sometimes I set one for myself, someone I care or someone I know needs a little extra love. Today I set mine for the 9/11 victims. Generic and broad, yes. But there were so many victims on so many levels.

We focused a lot of the class today on opening the hips. We also focused on opening our hearts, which seemed appropriate for today.

We had a sub today. The class was good and tough. But a little tough to follow. Her flows were different than my regular Sunday class. I am sure the more I take Lily’s classes the better I will get.

She had us work on two poses I have never done before: tripod headstand and tortoise. Neither of which I could do fully, and barely partially. My version of tripod headstand looked more like dolphin, with my head touching the mat.

I am planning on attending the Restorative Yoga class this evening. I haven’t been in weeks. And I feel I need it and deserve it. I anticipate this week to be a little stressful with work and getting ready to travel this weekend to Tucson. (My postings may be minimal this week. But stay tuned. I will return fully next week.)

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