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Planning keeps me on track

Planned and packed lunch for the workday.

This week has been a successful week for me in terms of exercise and healthy eating. And a lot of it has to do with planning.

Since I just came off a two-week cold I have been doing less intense yoga this week and no spin until the weekend. I checked out the yoga studio schedule and planned the classes I would take Monday through Wednesday.

(Normally I have a pretty regular exercise schedule during the week: between yoga at the studio; working out with friends one night a week; spin at the gym; abs and weight classes at the gym; spin and abs and weights at the work gym on my own.)

Because I cooked a few things over the weekend I have had many planned healthy dinners and lunches. They are filling, delicious and good for me. Even my snacks are planned.

I find that planning helps me from straying. I haven’t been tempted by any treats or candy at work this week.

I also haven’t been tempted by the numerous food trucks that come to work. Yesterday the e-mail about the food truck mentioned that there would be extra food (since they ran out last week) and cupcakes would be served with each order. My response to that: DELETE!

Finding healthy options you like also helps. Lucky for me I like most fruits and vegetables. I am a meat eater, but I am also OK with vegetarian or vegan options. I am willing to try most things.

Except for Spam and that isn’t healthy.

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