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Taking care of my sick self

Me and my sick self snuggly under the warm blankets while watching TV.

I am snuggled under blankets in my jammies with some extra heat coming from the heating pad.

I felt tired and miserable most of the day at work. So unless some miracle happens and I get healthy during the night I will be staying home from work tomorrow.

Yes, I am going to rest and sleep and watch Lifetime Movie Network all day.

I am irritated with this cold because I just got over a cold about three weeks ago, which lasted for two weeks AND was over my winter break from work. And I had a plan this week for my exercise schedule.

Another team member called in sick today and another co-worker had the same tired look in her eyes that I do.

Just knowing that I don’t have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow morning already makes me feel a tiny bit better. 🙂

I checked out what’s on TV tomorrow–it seems to be OK. So hopefully I won’t be too bored.

Maybe I will sleep all day and it won’t matter what is on TV.

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