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My funky shoulder


Sleeping with arms above the head can cause some shoulder issues.

I think I have mentioned my weird shoulder in past posts. I don’t really know what I did to it. And it is hard to explain what is wrong with it. It sometimes feels like something is slipping out of place. It doesn’t hurt. It is more of a discomfort.

It is noticeable that something funky is going on during some yoga poses, such as Downward Dog or even with my arms up in the air right before a Vinyasa flow or while holding Warrior I or Crecent Lunge.

When I was at the doctor on Monday I mentioned my shoulder to her. I tried to explain to her the funky sensation I have at times in my shoulder.

She asked me if I sleep with my arms above my head. I told her I do. (I pretty much sleep in all positions: on my stomach [not good], on my sides, on my back and sometimes with my arms above my head.)

The doctor told me I should try to stop sleeping with my arms above my head. She said it is likely a slipped tendon. Then she asked me how I thought I could stop sleeping with my arms above my head. Uhhhh?

She suggested somehow tying something to my pajamas and giving myself some room to move my arms, but not enough to reach them above my head.

I haven’t actually tied anything to my jammies or arms. The first night anytime I noticed that I was moving my arms above my head I would move them back to my sides. Second night wasn’t quite as successful–but that was also a terrible night of sleep. Last night I definitely noticed and corrected my arms at times.

My doctor also mentioned that the shoulder issue could become a rotator cuff issue. And I definitely don’t want to deal with that.

2 Responses to “My funky shoulder”

  1. Dr Bernal Says:

    Perhaps you will want to consider seeing a chiropractor.
    Ask your friends and they will certainly be of help.

    The idea behind consulting a chiropractor is that structure
    Determines function. Although many people think DC’s
    (doctors of chiropractic) are just helpful with back or neck
    Problems, it is important to realize the nerves that control
    Everything in the human body come out between the spinal
    Bones . The nerves that control your shoulder parts come out
    Between the bones of your neck vertebrae.
    Maybe you have a neck issue and you just learned to deal with
    It, but now your shoulder is not moving well due to the nervous
    System interference in your neck….

    Only one way to find out , find a good chiropractor.

  2. Ann Says:

    Thanks for the advice, Dr. Bernal. Do you have advice on how to search for a good chiropractor?