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I made oven baked "fried" chicken with corn flakes for the Super Bowl. One batch had skin. And to be even a little bit more healthier ... another batch had no skin.

When I ended my cleanse a week ago I was a little worried that I would gain weight. Well, with food tasting so good. And I had some good meals the past week. Such as delicious welcome lunch on Tuesday at work; lasagna Curt got me at Market Hall the day I called in sick; the fritata he also got me, which I ate the next night for dinner; the amazing brunch, bacon and sangria I had Saturday before the Arizona/Stanford basketball game; and the munchies I had yesterday. I did gain weight, but only 1.2 pounds.

Today I started back with the exercise again by taking Hatha yoga with Baxter.

I packed my work meals for today (and tomorrow) with breakfast, lunch and a snack.

Baxter mentioned something they did in class last week and if we wanted to know about it we could get in a time machine and go back. I mentioned I was sick. Baxter called me out and said that was good. I did the best thing for myself and others in class.

Today in class I almost stole someone else’s purple Jade yoga mat. And after using her mat for class (we realized as we were rolling up our mats that we did have each other’s) I came home and found the bottom of the palms of my hands seem a little rubbed raw. Ouchie. I gotta write my name on my mat. There are way too many purple Jade yoga mats. (There was one time I set down my mat and grabbed props. I came back to my spot and there were three purple Jade mats next to each other.)

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  1. Finally found my way here! Just wanted to say the baked drumsticks were awesome and such a good idea 😀

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