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Dreading shredding? Uh, YES!

The shredder is on its second break. Once the motor gets too warm it shuts itself off to protect the motor.

Today the dreaded shredding started. I have piles and piles of paperwork that needs shredding. It appears to be never ending.

Some of the shredding is from the de-clutter project and some of it is just the usual paperwork I need to shred, like old receipts and credit card applications and old bills, etc.

The shredder I have is not made for the kind of shredding I put it through. So it is on its second rest. When the motor gets too warm it shuts itself down to protect the motor.

I am pretty sure I am going to burn this one out. I did with my last one. Smoke started coming out of it.

When I mentioned the smoke to the cashier when buying shredder No. 2 she told me once the motor is shot it is shot. So I bought a warranty for No. 2.

The cashier recommended I tape the warranty paperwork underneath the shredder so I would always know where it is. I just checked it. My warranty expired in July.

So once this puppy conks out I will be buying a new one. I am gonna go with a much more durable this third time around.

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